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Why the name Heston?

Heston is named after Steven Heston. Steven Heston is the originator of the eponymous Heston model, a mathematical formulation describing the evolution of an underlying asset’s volatility. The model assumes that the volatility of the asset is not constant, nor even deterministic, but follows a random process. Here we find a parallel with the real estate market.

Why the badger as our logo?

The European badger (Meles meles) is a heavyset medium-sized predator belonging to the martyr family (Mutelidae). It is the only type from the Meles species. Badgers are also classified as an informal group, whereas there is only the European badger. A badger is primarily active at night and maintains an omnivore’s diet.

  • Badgers shelter underground, living in burrows, an extensive underground network of tunnels, which can be more than hundreds of years old. Similarly, Heston finds her way through broad networks and has an eye for sustainability in both living and working environments.
  • The badger’s territory can be extensive, sometimes reaching as far as 50 hectares. Heston’s territory is equally as extensive, being that it is not restricted to the Netherlands but reaches far throughout Europe.
  • The badger is not monogamous and favours maintaining various relationships simultaneously. Just like the badger, Heston believes that she can maintain many relationships at the same time while keeping an eye out for any potential conflicts of interest.
  • The number of suitable badger habitats has expanded greatly in recent years. Heston also broadens its field of work and habitat daily as a consequence of rising demand for specialized consultancy.