About Heston

Entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs

As a real estate entrepreneur or investor, you are looking for an all-round partner with extensive expertise. Whether you need insights into your structure, valuations, cash flows or an analysis of your real estate portfolio, Heston is the right place for comprehensive financial advice. Clear, honest and straight to the point, our advice is genuinely helpful.

Robert Fabisch

PARTNER | Robert Fabisch is a co-founder and partner of Heston. Robert spent six years working for SNS Property Finance (formerly Bouwfonds) as a Regional Manager for the Western Netherlands. Before that, he spent six years working at ING Real Estate in various positions, including that of Fund Manager. As a real estate specialist and financing expert, Robert deals with complex real estate financing matters at Heston. He has extensive experience in the financing of real estate investments and developments.

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Michel van der Horst

PARTNER | Michel van der Horst has been a partner at Heston since 2014. He has extensive experience in complex financial real estate transactions, real estate investment, integrations, financial management & supervision and asset management & operations. As CFO of GE Capital, Michel was responsible for various Real Estate and Corporate Finance BUs in Europe, Asia and the US. Michel graduated from Erasmus University as a business economist and chartered accountant.

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