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Acquisition and refinancing

We can guide and advise you on the financing of new real estate purchases or refinancing, extension of real estate financing and corporate financing, possibly combined with restructuring. We can also help you to properly structure your investment  for tenanted real estate (e.g. shops, offices, hotels, housing portfolios etc.). Prior to refinancing, extension or restructuring, we will first carry out a quick scan of the financing and associated collateral. This will allow both us and the client to properly assess the objectives and their feasibility in advance.

Project finance

We provide project finance for developers and construction companies, as well as (developing) investors who wish to renovate or redevelop existing real estate. The structuring of project finance requires precise coordination between the client, builder and bank. A combination of development knowledge and financing is essential here. We use our own construction cost and financing models to clearly explain the financing needs. Given their current reluctance to provide construction loans, banks must be provided with sufficient assurances in the form of advance sales/pre-letting and insights into project dependencies such as permits.

Mezzanine & equity

Mezzanine & equity involves subordinated financing with a higher risk. The financing is subordinated with regard to ‘regular’ bank financing. Due to the risk, the interest rate on this type of financing is higher and the structure more complex. In addition to banks, our network includes various contacts/financiers who also offer this form of financing.

Debt Advisory

Financial institutions are currently reticent to provide real estate financing. As a result, investors, construction companies and developers are finding it increasingly difficult to finance their real estate activities. Entrepreneurs are struggling with questions such as: “Which bank can I approach for a new loan?” or “Do I still meet all the loan conditions specified by the bank?” Heston can advise and support you in this regard.

We specialise in the (re)structuring, refinancing and extension of real estate loans for private and institutional real estate investors, construction companies and developers. We have extensive experience in every area of real estate financing, such as investment financing, project financing and treasury management. You can also benefit from our comprehensive network of Dutch and foreign financial institutions.