Real Estate Advisory

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Michel van der Horst
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Transaction Services

We provide support and advice for real estate-related transactions. You can count on us for support in every step of both the sales and acquisition process.


If you wish to (re)structure your portfolio, we can provide support and advice. We can help you to (re)organise companies, advise you on the position of the real estate within your structure and potential optimisations.

Strategic Portfolio advisory

We can advise you on your existing real estate portfolio, as well as land positions and their development in the short and long term.

Real Estate Advisory

Every step in a real estate transaction requires knowledge and expertise. From analysing development positions, structural risks, financing and contracts we advise you on improving your return or financing conditions, Heston can help with every aspect. We can provide financing, connect parties (including investors, developers, construction companies and financial institutions) and initiate collaborations with (new) stakeholders that are important to you. Together with you, we will look for the optimal structure, the optimal financing and associated conditions and the optimal combination of parties.